Now no student gets left behind in your class

Cerebry is an AI-Powered Practice Platform which adapts real-time to each student’s unique capability

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An end to end solution to help you focus on what matters - teaching!

Bespoke assignments as per each student’s topic proficiency, real-time granular diagnostics & smart lesson planning.

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Generates practice assignments on the fly

Just pick the topic and sit back. Cerebry instantly creates practice assignments, with every question generated in real-time based on each student’s unique learning path

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Question Design

Every question is generated fresh for that student

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Dynamic Level Variance

Difficulty jumps directly proportional to student’s capability.

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Deliberate Practice

Less focus where a student is strong. More where she is weak.

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Diagnoses exactly where each student needs help

Cerebry not only knows when a student gets a question wrong, but also instantly identifies the exact sub-concept the student is struggling with. Goes the extra mile, so you don’t have to.

Diagnostic Mode

A dedicated break out mode to diagnose weak areas

Concept Wise Check

Testing each concept the question is made up of

Concept Level Tutorials

Every question is generated fresh for that student


Turns all this data into intuitive lesson plans

You don’t need to deal with any complexity. Our intuitive reports guide you on how to best use class time. Within seconds you’d know where to focus for maximum impact.

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"Cerebry has step-changed my teaching. Now I can efficiently help students & ensure no one falls through the cracks. "

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Republic Polytechnic

Associate Lecturer

Learn more about the AI Research
behind Cerebry

Cerebry is a result of over 6 years of research combining the fields of Artificial Intelligence & education.

We made it real simple to get started. All it takes is just a few minutes

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